Custom Power Supplies

INER offers turn-key solutions in cases where applications cannot be fulfilled by standard products or where customers require integrated products

Custom power supplies

Our Custom Power Capabilities

Off the shelf power supplies do not always meet the specific requirements of the target application. Many power systems require custom output voltage combinations, unique control/status signals and specific mechanical packaging for optimal performance and integration.

Our Competancy:

Low Development Cost

Short Development times

Fast response

Well completed industry chain

Low manufacturing cost to mass production


Customized Power Solutions

Different sizes

We design according to your specific requirement on size and connections

Different Functions

Functions such as dimming, auto protection &software systems.

Different compliance and testing

We designed according to your specific certifications and testing standards such as UL, GS, TUV ect.

What are your custom power requirements?

For further information on how INER Power can assist you find custom power supplies, pls contact us freely